Designs are inspired by place and personality. Gardens can be metaphors for our impact on the world around us; exhausting or exhilarating expressions that have the ability to speak to our inner state of being. A garden is alive and therefore constantly growing and changing, and in that way never "finished" in the way a structure can be. Oftentimes, the beauty in a garden lies in the unexpected and is an unrepeatable snapshot in time. Our namesake, the coyote, represents a spirit of openness to seize a moment of unexpected opportunity, a willingness to change course and adjust to new challenges and solutions as they present themselves. A good garden design is like the setting of a stage in which nature will act out it's drama. Good soil preparation, durable material choices, and correct plant selection are the beginning to a successful landscape. Whether you are seeking to enrich your current garden’s potential or build a new landscape from scratch, the priority for me as a landscape designer is to put together the ingredients that will bring increased health, beauty, and function to the site.

natural landscape design


Designer Credentials

katie brehm shluka

  • Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University (2005) The well-balanced design and technical curriculum was the foundation for her experience as a landscape designer.

  • Stream Restoration Project Manager and Education and Outreach Coordinator (2005-2007) This experience awarded her a wealth of knowledge about native plant communities, riparian restoration, historic research, grant writing, and general awareness about our local climate, ecology, and history.

  • Coyote Gardens Founder (2007-present) Started as a specialty company offering conscientious, organic landscape maintenance we have grown to be a full-service landscape contracting company. Many hours as a Land Care Professional now inform her designs.


Landscape Design inspired by place and personality...

At the core of our designs is sustainability for coastal environments. We do not specialize in any one particular style and am flexible to create a garden that is the style that is right for you. Personalized design to fit the architecture of your home, maintenance commitment, and aesthetic. Design is a process we go through together to arrive at a plan you can love and also maintain. Explore what you want and emerge with a plan to communicate to potential installers as you enter the bidding and estimation phase.