A Year in Bloom...

Routine garden service is where the real magic happens. Coyote’s team of gardeners tend your garden with loving care. Regular and seasonal garden tasks can be set up on an cycle in accordance with your annual budget. We get started in early spring with a thorough weeding, pruning, and application of a nutritious compost mulch blended with organic amendments. Then regular monthly weeding keeps the gardens looking their best throughout the summer. In the fall we finish any pruning and tuck the garden in for the winter. In stormy winter months, we offer a “storm cleanup” service that cleans up paths, decks, and entryways.

Red-flowering Currant

Red-flowering Currant

Rates & Services

Regular Monthly Maintenance
Coyote’s thorough weeding of garden beds by hand once per month will eliminate the “seed bank” over time and keep your garden tidy. We advise regular monthly care over seasonal cleanups to keep unwanted plants from establishing themselves.

One Time Cleanup
Seasonal cleanup of beds, pruning of shrubs and small trees without a regular maintenance contract. A good idea also spread mulch to help the beauty last.

Weed Torch
$10/hr - additional to labor
Gravel driveways, paths, and volley-ball sand pits are kept clean by weeding with flame.  Attention in the spring and fall destroys weeds and their seeds without the use of herbicides. 

Pruning & Renovation of Beds
$45/hr - Labor
$10/hr - Gas-powered tools-chain saw, extension chain saw, hedge trimmer
debris hauling - $5/bucket, $11/can, $40/truck, $75/trailer
It's like a jungle sometimes...let us help!  We specialize in artful pruning of shorepines, maples, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and shrubs such as hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Our experienced crew knows where to cut to get the desired result.  We also have gas-powered saws, hedge trimmers, and a 18’ extension pole chainsaw for harder to reach tree pruning. We can do ladder work, but we do not climb--some jobs are for arborists.   

Smother Mulching
Weedy patches are dealt with by laying down a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard and then a 4” layer of compost mulch. The cardboard breaks down and leaves a clean bed in its place.  

Safe, Effective Pest Management
There are safe and effective ways to deal with pests such as slugs, snails, deer, and rodents the are causing harm to your garden. We incorporate pest management as needed as a part of regular maintenance. We do not do not offer mole and gopher trapping as it is an art that takes much experience to do well.  If moles and gophers are causing damage to your garden we highly recommend experienced local trapper Jerry Westin from Grandpa's Mole Service.

Invasive Plant Removal
$45/hr - Labor
$50/hr - Dingo - compact hydraulic bucket, trencher, auger, etc.
debris hauling - $11/can, $40/truck, $75/trailer

It is best not to plant species that are on the invasive species list for Oregon. We are continually learning and improving our removal strategies, but it can be costly and time-consuming to remove invasive plants once they have become established in your garden.

Lawn Care

Currently, we do not offer mowing services. However, we are more than happy to take charge of regular lawn feeding as a part of regular monthly maintenance to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Or do it yourself with help from our pro-tips on our blog...

Let us put together containers to brighten any season.  We also offer a flat rate for weekly grooming and watering in Neskowin and Pacific City.